SISB International School Chiang Mai

SISB International School in Chiang Mai is unique because it is the only Singaporean School in the north of Thailand. The school is conveniently located in the heart of the city and currently offers nursery to Grade 8 education, although from the summer of 2021, Grade 9 to iGCSE will be available. SISB was first opened in 2016 and is built on 14,000 square metres giving it an incredibly spacious and open feel. They offer the world-renowned Singapore education curriculum and have a child-centred approach.

The school has a superb reputation for success, and the program combines the best of the Singapore and English curriculums to ensure that the students get an exceptional education. Lessons are taught in English, Chinese and Thai. Of course, academic success is the primary focus, but they are considered to have a holistic approach to learning within a safe, friendly and eco-friendly environment conducive to learning. SISB believes in promoting school-parent-teacher relationships to guarantee that pupils get the best possible education while also finding their time in school enjoyable.

As this is a modern establishment, there is little surprise that the facilities are excellent and make an enjoyable learning environment for students and teachers. The campus includes a 20-metre swimming pool, and all classrooms are fully air-conditioned. The science labs and music room are amongst the best in Chiang Mai, along with the superb library. Outdoors, you will find a spacious playing field as well as an adventure playground.

There is a strong emphasis on the students growing up to be well-rounded individuals and as such, maintaining high morals is essential. Students are encouraged to be independent, become strong leaders, ask questions, and hunger for success. However, they firmly believe that this shouldn’t be detrimental to the children enjoying their time at school, making new friends and becoming more emotionally aware.

SISB International School Chiang Mai offer an extensive range of extracurricular activities and naturally has a strong support network including counsellors, nurses and, of course, ample teaching assistants. Students get all the support they require academically and emotionally to give them the ideal platform to become successful individuals. The school is one of the more expensive options in the city but reflects the quality of the schooling.


SISB International School Chiang Mai