Meritton British International School

The Meritton British International School is another of the schools situated in the Hang Dong district of Chiang Mai. They are a pre-school and primary school catering for pupils between the ages of two and eleven, and it is relatively small with around 120 students. The teachers are predominantly British, all of whom are fully qualified teachers with Thai teaching assistants. Meritton British School is particularly popular with mixed-race students, although naturally, all students are made to feel equally welcome in the friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

The school follows the English Curriculum with exams overseen by the Cambridge Assessment Board and believes in offering “value-based education,” fostering positive social and emotional development. Personal as well as intellectual growth is also seen as being one of the main objectives of Meritton British International School, with a broad, balanced and challenging learning environment created. It is designed to help the students achieve their potential along with building self-esteem and self-confidence. From a young age, the school tries to encourage pupils to embrace and love learning.

All lessons are taught in English, and students are encouraged to appreciate the importance of individualism and respect others. The school works closely with parents to ensure that every child’s needs are met culturally, socially, spiritually and, of course, intellectually. All children are encouraged to take risks and raise their own personal expectations to become the best they can be. Learning from their own mistakes is also forms a crucial part of the education within the school, and they have a supportive environment that allows personal development.

Meritton has excellent facilities, including a superb library, arts, music and performing arts departments, along with impressive sporting facilities. It is a modern building that helps create a healthy environment for learning that is pleasurable for teachers and students alike. Naturally, all classrooms are fully air-conditioned for comfort.

The school offers a comprehensive range of extracurricular activities, including football, street dance, ballet, arts and Tae Kwan Do. Additional English lessons are also available for student’s for whom it is a second language. Of course, the school has an excellent support network to help any students who may be encountering problems of any kind.


Meritton British International School