Grace International School

Grace International School (GIS) is located to the south west of Chiang Mai between Hang Dong and San Patong. It is a Christian school with non-Thai staff, all being practising Christians. There is a strong religious belief running throughout the school, with all students receiving a world-class education from a Christian perspective. The school was established in 1999 and currently has in the region of 550 students. 90% of parents are serving or have served as missionaries or humanitarians working within Asia. The majority of students are American, although all nationalities are welcome.

GIS provides education for students from kindergarten through to Grade 12 and follows the American style education system. The traditional school day follows a college-preparatory curriculum which is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and jointly by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). The school prides itself on the education that they provide to children with special needs and those who are being homeschooled with distance learning an option.

Grace International School believes younger pupils, those attending the elementary school (K-6), should receive plenty of encouragement to achieve their full potential emotionally, socially and academically through nurturing. Older students are challenged more, and the curriculum embraces biblical truths combined with how they can be applied in the real world to create well-balanced individuals.   

All lessons are taught in English, with additional lessons available for those wishing to learn other languages, including Thai and Chinese. All teachers are fully qualified and vastly experienced, ensuring that students get the best possible platform for learning. The school promotes diversity and believes that students should respect everyone regardless of race or religion. GIS has a friendly and harmonious atmosphere which all the students appreciate.

The school has excellent facilities, which are continually being improved with the last developments completed in 2020. The sports facilities and science laboratories are incredibly well-equipped, and the music and art rooms are amongst the best in Chiang Mai. Not surprisingly, the school is built to western standards, and all rooms are fully air-conditioned.

Like many international schools in Chiang Mai, GIS offers all students a varied selection of extracurricular activities to help broaden their education. There is also a superb support network available for students in the form of counsellors, nurses and religious leaders. The school is one of the more expensive options in Chiang Mai.


Grace International School Chiang mai