Christliche Deutsche Schule Chiang Mai

The Christliche Deutsche Schule (CDSC) is located in the Saraphi district of Chiang Mai in a largely rural area. The school was founded in 1994, initially with just 26 students, but today, it has more than 200 students and 31 members of staff. CDSC is a Christian school promoting Christian values where pupils are encouraged to become broadminded individuals who achieve their potential. They teach the German International Abitur program with students attending from pre-school ages through to Grade 12

As lessons are taught in German, most teachers are German nationals who are all highly qualified. Of course, teaching assistants and some of the teaching staff are Thai nationals. There are around 15 countries represented, and approximately 20% of the students are German, with the majority being mixed race. However, the school welcomes students from around the world with additional German lessons offered to those whose first language is not German.

CDSC has an excellent reputation for academic success and is recognised by the German government approved German Schools Abroad group who award the school the accolade “Excellent School Abroad”. Many students go on to study further education back in Germany or here in Thailand and achieve great things, thanks to the foundations that were laid at the school. Students leave to become well-rounded individuals who respected others and the environment in which they live.

The school has excellent facilities which help to facilitate learning and create a positive working environment for all. An extensive range of extracurricular activities are organised for pupils, including various sports, workshops and the promotion of the arts and music. Students are encouraged to follow their passion, and all efforts are made to present students with as many opportunities as possible.

Like many international schools, CDSC offers a superb network for students as well as counselling services. Everyone’s health and emotional wellbeing are of paramount importance, and any students who may be encountering problems in or out of the classroom are offered all the help they need. Students who may be falling behind are given extra support and encouragement where required.

The school is one of the cheapest in Chiang Mai, although this is no reflection on the quality of teaching.


Christliche Deutsche Schule Chiang Mai