Chiang Mai International School

Chiang Mai International School (CMIS) is centrally located in Chiang Mai, close to the River Ping and McCormick Hospital. The school initially started with just eight pupils in 1954, with work on the current campus beginning in 1958. The school prides itself on its Christian values, offering an American sourced education with all lessons taught in English. CMIS provides education for students from pre-school through to Grade 12 and is highly respected with a superb reputation.

The school welcomes students from around the world, with around 30 countries currently represented, including Thailand, China, Korea and America. All teaching staff are exceptionally well qualified, with several being native English teachers, predominantly from the US. Of course, the support staff and some teachers are Thai, along with individuals from other countries, which represents the school’s diversity. CMIS is proud of its academic reputation, with students consistently attaining impressive grades. Several students have gone on to study in the US, with many continuing their studies here in Thailand or other countries in the world.

Chiang Mai International School is renowned for challenging students to reach their potential in a caring and supportive environment. Naturally, academic success is the school’s primary focus, but pupils are encouraged to develop physically, emotionally and spiritually. The school has an Advanced Placement (AP) scheme designed to prepare students for universities and colleges once they graduate from high school.

As one of the leading international schools in Chiang Mai, CMIS has excellent facilities, including the PE Department as well as the science and arts faculties. The facilities create a healthy learning environment and help students to learn. Counselling is also available for students who may be struggling either in or out of school. The support network provided by the school is excellent and ensures that the needs of all students are met, and no one ever feels excluded or allowed to fall behind.

The school has numerous accreditations, including WASC, ISAT, and the East Asia Council of Schools, and this is a fair reflection of the excellent standards that it maintains. The school is one of the more expensive in the city, which is justified.


Chiang Mai International School