Americana Chinese International School

The Americana Chinese International School (ACIS) can be found in the Saraphi district of Chiang Mai on the Chiang Mai Lampang Super Highway. The school is one of the latest additions to the ever-growing list of international schools in Chiang Mai, having only opened its doors in 2019. The school opened to meet to increasing demand for the Chinese language, not only in Thailand but around the world. ACIS uses American standards of education with an emphasis on critical thinking and creativity.

All lessons are taught in English, while the study of Chinese is encouraged. Currently, the school is opened for pre-kindergarten through till Grade 6, but in the future, the plan is for this to be extended to Grade 12. The syllabus conforms to California State Common Core standards, including all textbooks used. The teachers come predominantly from Thailand, America and China, all of whom have extensive teaching experience to ensure that the school maintains its high standards. Class sizes are limited to 20, and teaching assistants are present in all lessons.

Although the school is relatively new, it is already gaining a reputation for academic excellence, although they endeavour to promote students overall development, including physically and emotionally. The intention is for all students to graduate from high school, and they are given the perfect platform to achieve this. There is a strong emphasis on learning languages with additional English, Chinese, and Thai classes for those wishing their children to improve their second language. Pupils of all nationalities are welcomed, and indeed the school has a cosmopolitan feel.  

ACIS has superb facilities which are improving all the time. Of course, everything is ultra-modern, which is conducive to learning. As with most international schools, several extracurricular activities are organised, including a summer camp. The amount of activities available is expected to increase once the COVID-19 pandemic is under control. Remote learning is available, and contingency plans are in place should this need to be expanded in the future.

Pastoral support is on hand for all students, as well as counselling with pupils’ health and well-being being of paramount importance. Any students, who may be falling behind, will be offered additional tuition to help them catch up. The school offers a very supportive and encouraging environment and is currently one of the cheaper international schools in Chiang Mai.


Americana Chinese International School