Ambassador Bilingual School

The Ambassador Bilingual School (ABS) is situated on the Chiang Mai – Lampang Superhighway in the Saraphi district of Chiang Mai. The school was founded in 2009 in response to the success of Little Stars kindergarten, formed by one of the school’s principles in 2001. Students are welcomed from the age of two until 18 years old. The school is built on a relatively large campus and is popular with Thais as well as mixed-race families, and is regarded as offering a standard of education superior to that provided in Thai state schools.

The curriculum taught is a blend of the Californian, American Curriculum and the Thai Government Standards Curriculum (B.E.2551). The school believes that offering this blend enhances students’ learning with the sciences taught in both English and Thai, opening more doors for students when it comes to further education. English, mathematics, science and physical education (PE) are taught in English, while other lessons, including science, are taught in Thai. Students are continually tested throughout the year and then streamed into ESL or TSL classes.

Academia is the number one priority of the school, but they also promote an understanding of welfare and health as well as high moral values. The facilities are very reasonable and include a swimming pool, sports ground and running track. The science laboratories, library, music room and computer centre are all above average, and some classrooms are fully air-conditioned. They believe all students should become well-rounded individuals, and a Buddhist approach to life is encouraged.

Students are encouraged to take part in community activities, and the school offers awards for doing so. Learning takes a similar approach to that in Thai government schools, although there is more emphasis on independent thinking and students are expected to ask questions. Generally, pupils enjoy their time at the school.

The Ambassador International School offers a reasonable selection of extracurricular activities focusing on ensuring that all children can swim by the time they finish school. Teaching assistants are available in all lessons, and some native English speakers are working within the school. Access to nurses and counsellors is also available if required. Naturally, all students receive plenty of encouragement, and any students that fall behind are offered help to catch up. As this is a bilingual school, it is considerably cheaper than some alternatives.


Ambassador Bilingual School